Thursday, May 21, 2009

fall into leather

So I'm kinda over summer fashions already, and my mind is racing trying to decide on a look for fall (this is my own personal look, so you don't have to imitate...unless you want to :) I've never really been into leather anything before, but all of a sudden, I'm finding myself having a strange attraction to leather. I was talking with my friend Shanice (who's a fellow fashionista), and she mentioned her desire to find leather pants for the season. So, for fall, I really would like to purchase a motorcycle jacket. I think it would be an easy and quick layering piece and would look good with a printed or plaid button down (for a downtown look) or a simple white V-Neck (circa Rebel Without A Cause and Grease). Preferablly, I'd choose black, because it's classic and never seems to go out of style, but taking a risk and going for one that's colored would look good as well. Just be careful how you style this jacket. You could end up looking like an official member of Hells Angels, or Stella from Project Runway, Season 5 (remember her "leatha" fetish?). Opt for more of a classic, slimmer cut to keep the look young and fresh.
*This jacket can be found at for only $89.95.

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