Thursday, May 21, 2009

miss cleo of fashion?

I love reading (well, looking at) street fashion blogs, but I haven't really been following them for a few weeks now. Just a few minutes ago I was on Facehunter and Hel Looks, and what do I come across? Motorcycle Jackets! Now, I know motorcycle jackets are quite common in streetwear, but I just think it's funny how I made a post earlier today talking about how I really wanted one for the fall. Is it a coincidence, or am I a true fashion psychic?

This seems to happen to me a lot: predicting something, and then the next season, someone else runs with my idea (well, it's not like the looked into my thoughts and stole it, but you get what I mean). It's happened with jumpsuits (for both men and women), harem pants, and tee-shirts with deliberate holes. I honestly think I may have a career in fashion forecasting... we'll see!

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