Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Givenchy Spring 2010 Menswear

Gawd, I don't I don't even know where to begin with this collection. I think I loved everything that Riccardo Tisci had to offer for Givenchy's Spring 2010 Menswear line, and I think anyone who doesn't is dumb (sorry, I had to say it). I'm glad that menswear is finally getting some elegance and masculinity back, and I'm also glad that Tisci is continuing to be one of few designers to keep his model selection diverse and masculine. It really is refreshing to see manly men wearing high fashion, as compared to the sickly, feminine looking waif boys that many designers cast in their shows.
Let's see...I loved the play on black and white, the leggings with shorts (for those who know me, I tried really hard to bring leggings into menswear this past fall and winter seasons!), the North African prints, loose, yet fitted silhouettes, and God, I can't forget the shoes! Those gladiators are INSANE! Well, I could sit here all night and rant about how amazing this collection is, but you all have eyes, and you can let the images above speak for themselves.
Check out the rest of Givenchy Spring 2010 here:

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