Tuesday, June 9, 2009

is there a DOCtor in the house?

Streetwear is my forte, and that's the area of fashion that I'm thinking about going into, so it's been brought to my attention a current trend that I've been seeing on a lot of on streetwear blogs: the return of Doc Martins. Not since Kurt Cobain and the grunge movement of the 90s have these big, clunky boots been somewhat "on trend", but now, they seem to be making a strong, and not so ugly comeback. The company has introduced a new Vintage collection that are replicas of the first boots produced on April Fools Day, 1960, and they come in brown, black, and a very nice, and popular, wine color. An alternative to the vintage, retro collection would be the bright, neon and pastel colors that Doc Martins offer. Ladies are pairing up their Doc Martins with light summer dresses or floral prints to achieve a tough, yet feminine look, while guys wear theirs with super skinny jeans, with a look reminiscent of the British Punk era in decades past. I'm a little on the fence on how I feel about these boots, but I think if I continue to see lookbookers, facehunters, and other streetwear mavens pulling off their boots so effortlessly, I may have to purchase a pair for the upcoming fall and winter months.


  1. i just ordered a pair of black ones earlier today as replacements for my old Na*Na boots (unrelated to this post entirely), style 1490 and they're coming tomorrow. i'm so excited.