Monday, June 29, 2009

LB_look of the week

18 yrs old
I've haven't seen all black done this chic in awhile, though I wouldn't suggest wearing an outfit like this in the hot summer heat! But I do love how everything looks so good really is a great cohesive look. I actually own the oversized tee that Sacha is wearing in the photo (which happens to be from American Apparel) because it is a very versatile piece. I'm wearing mine as I sit here doing this entry as we speak! I like the layered necklaces (which was DIY), and although I'm not one for headbands, I do approve of how it's used in this look. From the contrasting oversized vs slim silhouette (which I'm I'm oh-so-fond of), this look certainly gets an A+ from me this week, and gives another meaning to "garcon noir"!

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