Monday, June 29, 2009

trend alert: fall 2k9

Julien MacDonald Embroidered Suade Stingray Jacket

Miss SIxty Leather Shorts

Miu Miu Bleached Jeans

Balmain Leather Jacket

Remember the post I did on leather being on trend for the fall? Well I was right! I've been seeing leather, studs, and an all around biker chic trend all over fashion sites, blogs and magazines. I was on the Elle Magazine website and discovered the "Biker Glam" trend for fall and I decided to post a few pieces that I found really haute. It shouldn't be too difficult to find knock-off pieces that I featured, so recreating these looks and following this trend should be a piece of cake this fall. I like to think that I had something to do with this new fall trend because of my previous post, but we all know that it was just another coincidence! Let's see what I "coincedentally" predict for the following season.


  1. I would die for that Julien MacDonald jacket

  2. Balmain is pretty much murdering things these days. wtfffffff.

  3. and to think it started with power shoulders