Friday, May 29, 2009

LB_look of the week

20 yrs old
For two weeks in a row now, I've managed to find someone on lookbook who happens to dress a lot like me. From the circle scarf, rolled up sleeves of the blazer, cuffed shorts, and gladiator sandals, Garrett and I practically have the same fashion aesthetic. Let's see what Garrett has in store for us in his next lookbook post.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

thrift store finds: YSL BLAZER

I am not lying. I actually found a vintage Yves Saint Laurent Blazer for only $5! I stumbled upon this at a hole in the wall book shop on Broad Street across from Empire yesterday, and when I found it, I nearly died. I think I did die actually, and came back to life because if I stayed dead, I wouldn't get a chance to wear it. It was just sitting there on a rack with a few pieces of clothing for only $5. I STILL cannot believe that I own this. This is the first and ONLY time this will probablly happen to me in my life.

Friday, May 22, 2009

LB_look of the week

19 yrs old
Brooklyn, NY
Is this me?!?! haha, This guy is def getting my award for look of the week...and yes, I am being bias because I dress like this and he's black (the blog IS called garçon noir, is it not?)

on my wishlist

...and I used to think my dad looked ridiculous for wearing sandals like these in the early 90s. Funny how I now have taken a liking to these type of shoes too.

ASOS Navajo Sandal

ASOS "Step Down" Basket Weave Sandal

DIESEL Black Gold Novel Gladiator Sandal

back detailing

all of these sandals can be found at

Thursday, May 21, 2009

for the record...

I just realized that I've done 6 posts in 1 day (now it's 7 with this one). I officially do not a life whatsoever.
This is a result of:
1. No job
2. Being sick
3. Being bored out of mind!
Let's shoot for 8 posts, tomorrow, shall we? lol

miss cleo of fashion?

I love reading (well, looking at) street fashion blogs, but I haven't really been following them for a few weeks now. Just a few minutes ago I was on Facehunter and Hel Looks, and what do I come across? Motorcycle Jackets! Now, I know motorcycle jackets are quite common in streetwear, but I just think it's funny how I made a post earlier today talking about how I really wanted one for the fall. Is it a coincidence, or am I a true fashion psychic?

This seems to happen to me a lot: predicting something, and then the next season, someone else runs with my idea (well, it's not like the looked into my thoughts and stole it, but you get what I mean). It's happened with jumpsuits (for both men and women), harem pants, and tee-shirts with deliberate holes. I honestly think I may have a career in fashion forecasting... we'll see!

make me into MOUNTAHA

Dear Mountaha,
My name is Dekota Waller, and I love you.

Dekota Waller

I love me some Mountaha. She has that Agyness Dean look, but with an egdy and ethnic flair, and a great sense of personal style. If she doesn't win Make Me A Supermodel, I'm going to kill myself (Not really).

Bravo TV Video - Get to Know Johnny

fall into leather

So I'm kinda over summer fashions already, and my mind is racing trying to decide on a look for fall (this is my own personal look, so you don't have to imitate...unless you want to :) I've never really been into leather anything before, but all of a sudden, I'm finding myself having a strange attraction to leather. I was talking with my friend Shanice (who's a fellow fashionista), and she mentioned her desire to find leather pants for the season. So, for fall, I really would like to purchase a motorcycle jacket. I think it would be an easy and quick layering piece and would look good with a printed or plaid button down (for a downtown look) or a simple white V-Neck (circa Rebel Without A Cause and Grease). Preferablly, I'd choose black, because it's classic and never seems to go out of style, but taking a risk and going for one that's colored would look good as well. Just be careful how you style this jacket. You could end up looking like an official member of Hells Angels, or Stella from Project Runway, Season 5 (remember her "leatha" fetish?). Opt for more of a classic, slimmer cut to keep the look young and fresh.
*This jacket can be found at for only $89.95.

FAUX PAS: scrunchies

Everyone who knows me knows that I love american apparel (considering the fact that I used to work there). what I love so much about them is that there is no other store out there that's like them...they're def a one of a kind. Although I applaud their uniqueness and huge nod to fashions of decades past, I think they've gone a little too far with bringing the 80s back...and when I say 80s I mean scrunchies. They weren't cute then american apparel, so they won't be any better in the 21st century. If I see one hipster who's dedicated their lives to all things american apparel wearing one of these horrid things, I think I might actually punch them in the face. Scrunchies are def a fashion FAUX PAS!


Although my wardrobe has drastically transitioned into almost entirely black in recent months, I'm still a huge fan of color. I know quite a few people who are afraid of color, but color is nothing to be afraid. Fashion is all about having fun, and especially in the Spring and Summer months.

The summer is light and breezy, and so should your fashion choices. Have fun with color...experiment with it. There are so many out there to choose from, so don't limit yourself to what you're comfortable with, take a risk this summer!

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